Players at Maelstrom Mixer will sign up for one of four distinct warzones, each a bespoke conflict between a small number of rival factions with a fully developed backstory and plot ark. The two sides in these conflicts will see 5-6 players working together to accomplish their faction's goals. Over the course of the weekend, you will get to know your fellow teammates, learning how best to apply your collective talents and army compositions to the challenges you face. Similarly, you will come to know the rival Warlords in your warzone, each of them posessing charecteristic strengths ... as well as weakness that can be exploited.

The Alimras Alliance

In the Alimras system two ancient and bitter foes must put aside their long held grudges to defeat a new menace. This uneasy alliance will determine not only the fate of the maiden world of Alimras, but the whole subsector.

Eclipse over Eigonfell

At a distant research outpost, Imperium researchers meddle with artifacts beyond their understanding. Intrigue simmers within, while outside forces cast curious glances. When blood is shed, who or what will emerge victorious?

A Paradox on Helmund IV

As the T'au Fifth Sphere expansion enters the Helmund system, a strange phenomenon is discovered on one of the moons of the fourth planet that promises to tip the balance of power in the sector. 

Veridia Devoured

Beneath the Shadow of the Eagle, the Serpent uncoils. We will rise below Prepared, United, and Unmerciful. To tear down the False Idols. The Shadow of the Great Devourer is descending on this rotting Imperium.