Players at Maelstrom Mixer will sign up for one of seven distinct warzones, each a bespoke conflict between two rival factions, each with a fully developed story and plot ark. Each side in these conflicts will consist of 4-5 players who will work together to accomplish their faction's goals. Over the course of the weekend, you will get to know your fellow teammates, learning how best to apply your collective talents and army compositions to the challenges you face. Similarly, you will come to know the rival Warlords in your warzone, each of them posessing charecteristic strengths ... as well as weakness that can be exploited.

The Scouring of Semnuk

A space hulk drifts towards the homeworld of the Semnuk Dynasty. The Orks on board seem driven to destroy the capital's power generators. Will the Dynasty’s Phaeron, Khetepi, be able to prevent the Orks from unknowingly releasing the C'Tan Shard contained within?

The Ithen Incident

Arbat, a Chaos Warband Leader, has a dream telling him the location of the crystals that make up the world spirit of Ithen, an Aeldari Exodite planet. Believing this dream to be from the dark gods, he launches an all out attack to shatter the world spirit crystals and consume the souls within.

Conspiracy of N’oba

On the newly founded sept world of N’oba, the T'au and their Demiurg allies work to extract valuable resources from the rich continental crust. Shield-Captain Cyne of the Adeptus Custodes discovers this operation through an unknown channel, and maneovers to disrupt this burgeoning alliance.

The Rikifell Incursion

Many successor chapters founded after the Indomitus Crusade spent the following years looking for a homeworld to recruit from and set up a fortress monastery. The deathworld of Rikifell was under examination for just such a purpose when it came under attack by the forces of the ruinous powers ...

Camor’s Breached Gates

The shrineworld of Camor houses one of the many relics from the great crusade. Without warning, it is attacked by Aeldari raiding parties, their intent unknown.

Brigid and the Broken Hive

With the breaking of Hive Fleet Leviathan, Arch-Magos Eyrn thought the Tyranid threat to forgeworld Brigid was over. Little did she know the planet's underhives were already infested with a gene-steeler cult ...

Shadow Over Borea

Ancient legends speak of a hooded diety that carried a staff capable of reshaping the ground itself. Unearthed historical archives site the staff in the hands of planetary rulers around the time of the birth of the Imperium. Forces loyal to the Emperor and Warmaster descend on Borea VI in search of this staff to use as a weapon in their war efforts. Is the weapon real and can it be wielded to claim victory in the Age of Darkness?