What is Maelstrom Mixer?

At its core, Maelstrom Mixer is a fun weekend of shared storytelling told through games between well-painted armies on amazing terrain in Games Workshop’s Warhammer universe. As a narrative event the focus is less on winning, and more about creating opportunities for epic moments to play out between storied combatants. While standard rulebook missions are designed to be “fair” in the sense of a standard mission played at a standard points level between two balanced armies, Maelstrom Mixer games will generally not be any of those things. Afterall, very few wars are fought between equal numbers of troops across a symmetrical battlefield! Although the games will generally be asymmetric in some way, the design of the missions and objectives will allow the defender in these scenarios to achieve meaningful outcomes to advance their faction's overarching goals, even while on the back foot.

To get a feel for what the event is like, check out this quick YouTube short from the 2023 event, as well as these two Instagram hastags from previous years:


What is Faultline 40K?

Faultline is a narrative-focused gaming club based in the Bay Area of California. We are a like-minded group of gamers and hobbiests who enjoy socializing through our shared love of Warhammer played with well painted armies on amazing terrain. If you live in the Bay Area and think you might enjoy being a member, reach out to us on our Facebook page, or send us an email at faultline40k@gmail.com.

How do I buy tickets for Maelstrom Mixer?

Tickets are available for purchase here.

Are my models painted well enough?

Each player's models help tell the story on the tabletop and a cohesive aesthetic is an important part of bringing narrative games to life; however, we recognize that everyone is at a different point in their hobby journey and don't want to exclude anyone because they're still learning. The most important thing is that you have clearly put in effort and are proud of the outcome. If you're looking for something a bit more objective, Games Workshop's published minimum painting standards for Warhammer World are a good starting point! If you would like to confirm a proxy or paintjob before the event, you can email us at faultline40k@gmail.com.

I enjoy competitive Warhammer events, is Maelstrom Mixer for me?

Maybe! We ask that you leave your competitive mindset at home, and instead come prepared to roll dice, have fun, and create epic moments with new friends. That's not to say that you can't try to win your games; afterall, striving for victory is a very narrative thing for your Warlord to do! Rather the narrative mindset we want you to strive for involves two key components:

I'm new to Warhammer or am just returning to the hobby, can I participate?

Of course! As a narrative-focused event, Maelstrom Mixer is attractive to a lot of people who are more interested in "other" aspects of the hobby (converting, painting, lore, etc) than competitive gaming. At a minimum, you should own and understand the core rules as well as your codex, and have a few games under your belt.

How many points should I expect to bring?

Game size will vary from mission to mission, depending on the specific scenario being played. In general though, players should expect to play games ranging in size from 1350pts to 1850pts. We will be standardizing this as we finalize the mission design over the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for a player packet coming out in March that will include more information about the game sizes and specific rules that will be in use for the event.

Will there be prizes or swag at Maelstrom Mixer?

Yes! More information about prize support and swag will be released closer to the event.

Will the event use GW's Crusade system?

Maelstrom Mixer does not use GW's Crusade system. While we love the idea of armies advancing and "leveling up" over time, the events of the campaign will take place over just a few days, and individual soldiers can't be realistically expected to have improved their fighting skills over such a short timeframe. Moreover, the additional bookeeping required to track Crusade upgrades adds a significant administrative burden to players who are participating in multiple games across consecutive days. Maelstrom Mixer will instead feature a simplified system for customization and advancement which will be detailed in the upcoming player packet.

Where can I find photos from past events?

We post photos from Maelstrom Mixer on Instagram and encourage event attendees to tag their own photos with each year's unique hashtag. For photos from past events, check out:


I’ve signed up for Maelstrom Mixer and am excited to participate! What can I expect next?

Great news, we’re excited too! Keep an eye out for an email in early April from our narrative team with more information about the conflict Warzones. This email will include a link to a Response Form that we will use to collect information about your force. Please fill this out ASAP once you receive it!

Also in April, we will be releasing the player packet for the event which will have all the information you need to flesh out your army and create the backstory for your Warlord.

I can’t make all of the listed game times, should I sign up for Maelstrom Mixer?

We strongly encourage everyone to attend all four of the scheduled games, as it will result in the best narrative experience. In particular, the narrative briefings at the start and end of each day will set the stage for the various warzone conflicts and keep you connected to the story as it unfolds. If you must miss one of the four scheduled games, please let us and your faction allies know in advance and we can plan around your absence. If you know that you cannot make two or more of the scheduled games, we recommend not signing up for Maelstrom Mixer.

I am attending Maelstrom Mixer with a friend and want to make sure we’re assigned to a warzone together. What should I do?

This is great and no problem at all! You can email us at faultline40k@gmail.com with your request. There will also be a space in the Response Form for you to specify any Warzone or ally requests.

I want to attend Maelstrom Mixer, but tickets are sold out. What should I do?

Feel free to email us at faultline40k@gmail.com and we will add you to the waiting list.

I bought a ticket to Maelstrom Mixer but I’ve had a conflict come up and can no longer attend. What should I do?

We’ll miss you, but we realize that real-life sometimes gets in the way of gaming. Email us before April 7th at faultline40k@gmail.com and we can refund your ticket price less a 10% processing fee. Tickets cannot be refunded after April 7th.