May 3rd - 5th, 2024


A unique narrative Warhammer experience in San Jose, CA

Maelstrom Mixer is an epic weekend of shared storytelling told through games between well-painted armies on amazing terrain in Games Workshop’s Warhammer universe. It is put on by Faultline 40K, a narrative-focused gaming club based in the Bay Area of California. Maelstrom Mixer isn’t a tournament and won’t have a “winner”, rather the emphasis will be on creating opportunities for glory, tragedy, and legend.  Conflicts will play out simultaneously across four bespoke warzones, the outcomes from which will have meaningful implications on a single overarching narrative. At it's core, Maelstrom Mixer is about three things:

Narrative Gaming

List restrictions and custom missions will skew gameplay to create surprise advantages and desperate last stands. Players will have agency in how they respond, and commanders will be given achievable mission objectives allowing them to feel a grim sense of accomplishment, even in loss.

Immersive Terrain

Tables will be designed around the mission scenarios, often custom built specifically for the event. We believe that the terrain is just as important as the armies playing on it, and strive to make the tables at Maelstrom Mixer some of the best you've ever played on.

Themed Armies

Models at Maelstrom Mixer should be painted to a high standard, and based in a pleasing and complementary fashion. Armies should be selected with a theme in mind, and warlords given a name and backstory.

Event participants must work together with their faction allies to achieve specific objectives in their warzone. Each player will play a total of four scheduled games over two days, the course of which will determine their victory or defeat in the conflict. More information will be released closer to the event, but in general players should expect to play games of 10th edition Warhammer 40k around 1500pts. In addition to this, there will be opportunities to demonstrate your mastery across multiple theaters through linked games of Kill Team, Battlefleet Gothic, and Aeronautica Imperialis.

Because of the event’s narrative focus, missions will be played on beautiful tables representing the unique conflicts in each warzone. Players are expected to bring well-painted armies with a themed focus that is apparent through your unit selections, paint work, and background lore development. This combination of well-painted armies on amazing terrain playing out narrative battles is an integral part of the event experience.

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